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4.07 May 7, 2019 396,091

See the Change History for the list of changes and fixes included in the current version. Before you use the software, be sure to read the Copyright, Disclaimer of Warranty and Limited License notices for ANSIPLUS, which are also included in the package documentation.

The following computer files are in the ANSIPLUS Freeware Zip file:

ANSIPLUS.exe ANSIPLUS console device driver
ANSIPLSR.exe ANSIPLUS reduced size device driver
ANSIPLUS.doc ANSIPLUS Freeware documentation
SETCOLOR.exe Color control utility program
SETAPLUS.exe Driver features control utility program
ANSICOM.exe ANSI escape sequence editor
NEWAPLUS.exe ANSIPLUS startup configuration program
APLUSLIB.exe Execution library for the utility programs
SETCOLOR.sch Color schemes file for SETCOLOR.exe Sample escape sequence program Save the current video mode, video page and colors Restore saved video mode, page and colors Save the current key reassignments Restore saved key reassignments Lock the 16-color palette Unlock the 16-color palette MS Windows 16-color VGA driver palette change
VWFD.386 Windowed vs. full screen test Windows VxD
APLUS.pif Sample Windows PIF file
CPCH.bat Change code page batch file
INSTALL.exe Installation program
INSTALL.inf Installation control file
README.pls Release notes

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