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Technical Support

We want our users to be satisfied, and we find the interaction with real users of ANSIPLUS to be of great value. Many ANSIPLUS features are the result of user input. If you have a problem using ANSIPLUS or want to make a suggestion, comment, or complaint, please contact us immediately, whether you have registered or not. But before contacting us with a problem, please try the following:

To benefit from all available ANSIPLUS changes and fixes, we recommend that you run the most recent release of ANSIPLUS on your system. Upgrading is simple: just download the current Freeware ANSIPLUS file and install it on your system.
Installation problems
If you are having trouble installing ANSIPLUS, look first at the Installing ANSIPLUS page.  Special topics covered there include: international usage, disk compression utilities, memory loading optimizers, OS/2, DESQview and task switchers, and loading ANSIPLUS as a TSR. There are also a few simple examples.
Unexpected behavior
If something is not behaving as it should, try browsing through the Configuring ANSIPLUS page to see if there might be an ANSIPLUS setting that will help. You should also check the appropriate technical notes for Windows ( Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4, Windows 3.x ), other operating systems ( OS/2 ), multi-taskers ( DESQview, DOSSHELL ), and command shells ( 4DOS ).

Contacting Technical Support

ANSIPLUS is currently supported only by e-mail to

If you are reporting a software problem, we will need specific information about your computer system and how to recreate the problem:

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