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Technical Documentation

As a service to users, programmers and others interested in ANSIPLUS, extracts from the current ANSIPLUS User's Guide and additional information are now provided online. Subjects currently covered are:

A complete ANSIPLUS change history
Topics include: international usage, disk compression utilities, memory loading optimizers, OS/2, DESQview and task switchers, and loading ANSIPLUS as a TSR, plus a few simple examples.
Topics include: initial colors, palette definition, border color, version, loading option, keyboard, assign keys, tone definition, color control, display control, scroll-back, and other.
Topics include: hot keys, scroll lock, copy and paste, using the mouse, selecting and defining colors, controlling other features, creating application batch files, and editing escape sequence programs.
System Notes
Technical notes about ANSIPLUS and several system environments: Windows ( Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4, Windows 3.x ), other operating systems ( OS/2 ), multi-taskers ( DESQview, DOSSHELL ), and command shells ( 4DOS ).
Technical information for programmers: escape sequences, interrupt 2Fh calls and hooked interrupts.

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